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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  January 30, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news
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at 11:00. minneapolis is starting to look lot more green and a lot less purple as eagles fans continue to pour into that city. don't expect vikings fans to welcome them with open arms. good evening and thanks for joining us at 11:00 i'm iain page. >> walking down the street in our city you can get almost anyone to join chanting fight song. not everyone in minnesota is singing along tonight we've got team coverage. shawnette wilson in collingswood, new jersey. chris o'connell is live at the mall of emergency and let's begin with chris tonight. chris, eagles fans facing a little heat there. >> reporter: that's right, iain, first of all forgive the music behind me the media party here for the super bowl going on at the mall of america in blooming ton, minnesota. the big buzz is about the nfc championship last week. it really is bad blood with minnesota fans. after some unrule rulely birds videos came out that went viral, after the beat down on the field at the linc, eagles fans are the very last fans minnesota wanted
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to see in their city for super bowl weekend. as the super bowl hype builds towards sunday, minnesota fans, well, let's just say the welcome wagon has broke down. first impression of an eagles fan? >> yeah, i do not have very positive remarks on eagles fans. >> not very good first impression. >> let's go eagles. >> reporter: mate be bitter cold but these vikings fans, well they're still bitter. >> there are a lot of people who want to try and be minnesota nice but we also will say we won't tolerate that in our city. >> danielle was in philly for the championship last week. she was one of those fans who was harassed. >> they were horrible. i was out there. i went to the game and the treatment there was -- let's just say they created a lot of patriots fans. >> reporter: to get the real vibe of the city we went to frank's of south philly in minneapolis where philly fans were the topic of conversation& over lunch.
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>> to be honest i think the viking fans need to get thick skin. i mean, stuff is going to happen. if you do this chant in front of the rocky statue what do you expect. >> we're minnesota nice here we're actual you usually tease i was little bit but that's about all we're going to do. >> reporter: and we're sending in the reinforcements as the weeks goes on more eagles fans from philly are starting to trickle in for super bowl week, and if you are coming, you are wearing your eagles green. you will hear it from the fans here. but trust me, iain, nothing we can't handle. >> that's right, man. philly is tough. that won't bother us. chris, thank you root for the patriots and we'll shut off your water? that's essentially what the mayor of collingswood said in a kind of humorous letter to a couple of residents after they flew a patriots flag outside their house. fox 29's shawnette wilson is in south jersey with the story. >> reporter: collingswood is showing its eagles pride ahead of the super bowl this weekend
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with this huge display in the center of town. but about a mile away, on virginia avenue, there's a battle brewing. >> we've got a nuisance in the neighborhood. >> reporter: jim is the mayor of collingswood. he's taking action against his neighbors. >> we passed an ordinance to outlaw the flying of any flags that show colonial figures or any nationalism. >> reporter: why? because his neighbor has been flying patriots flag outside his house for years. >> i really have not had any great reason to tell them it needed to come down, frankly with the success they've had it's been difficult to tell them that, but things change the this weekend. >> reporter: mayor maley put the ordinance in writing. the penalty for refusing to take the flag the borough will cut off their water. >> i was told two things. one, we'll take the flag down but they'll paint the house patriot blue. and then tonight i get to see we have a little more of a light show that's going on. >> reporter: after the letter, things escalated. the neighbors now have patriots projecting all over the outside
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of the house. i had to get involved. >> hello there. i'm shawnette with fox 29. >> how are you. >> nice to meet you. >> i'm looking for the sore losers who have to shut this down on sunday. >> greg jerome and his family are diehard patriots fans from connecticut. >> my father had season tickets to the patriots he raised me as patriots fan. bring me to the games when i was younger as kid. so just diehard pate tron fan through and through nowhere matter i move to i was going to rem the patriots no matter what. >> you have said patriots lot already and this is just one question that i've asked you. >> yeah. non-stop. >> reporter: greg says after getting the mayor's letter he had to one up him. >> turn off my electricity now, too? [ laughter ] >> reporter: i actually suggested that by the way. usually not my style. usually very good. until i found out he got this stuff at a local store. >> clearance section, too. so yup perfect. >> you don't think that's an indication of anything it's in the clearance section. >> i thought there was an indication that's their patriot left in philadelphia area showing i was sign.
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>> reporter: in just a few days we'll see who really has bragginbragging rights. for now it's fun. >> comradery that we have as sports fans. that's what fans are really all about. >> reporter: and so greg jerome actually has a predictions. he says he thinks we'll be in the same back the same place next year for rematch. carson wentz is unbelievable, true. he believes he'll be back but he says debatable wentz deserves mvp. i had to cut the interview. [ laughter ] >> there you go shawnette. great story a lot of fun. we got you covered all weaning live from the twin cities good day is with you in the mornings are we're here each night plus later in the newscast kristen rodgers will report from the mall of america. right now, philadelphia police are after a robber who was also trying to kidnap her victims they say she's armed with a knife and targeting people in the crescentville neighborhood. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at police headquarters with more on this tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, two attacks
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in two days has shoppers and police worried concerned that this woman with a knife might strike again. >> that's scary. that's scary. >> reporter: addy simmons came to the walmart on the boulevard tuesday evening to do some shopping on her way home from work. she was upset about the news of a knife-wielding woman abducting a female customer right here in the parking lot. >> it goes to show that, you know, you can't trust people now a days and anybody, anybody around you have to be careful of everybody around. >> reporter: police say this woman approached a 22-year-old shopper as she head to do her car last thursday just before 8:00. and quickly demanded money. >> this offender produces a knife and 2017 honda. >> who would think a woman would pill pull a knife on another woman. >> reporter: suspect forced the woman to drive to a nearby atm on rising sun avenue and withdrawal $500. she was later scene in a mercury grand marquis at a nearby wawa.
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now police say the same female suspect struck two nights later in a shopping center parking lot a few blocks away. >> grabs the complainant by the arm. orders her -- demands money, don't make a scene or shy nothing that effect. this complainant was able to free herself of the suspect. >> need more security out here. they got lot in the store. they do have somebody riding around. >> reporter: police worry the suspect might strike again. so they want shoppers to be on guard. >> don't wear headphones or anything that might -- sunglasses anything that would stop you see and hear what's going on around you. >> i might start parking a little closer. >> reporter: good advice. the two victims in this case were not injured. police believe the suspect may be from the very same area where these attacks are occurring. if you have any information, you can call the special victims unit or northeast detectives. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. thousands of atlantic city jobs are coming back. five atlantic city casinos shut down in the past five years putting 11,000 people out of work but this summer the old
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trump taj mahal casino will open up back as the hard rock bringing 3,000 jobs back to ac. the casino started interviewing job candidates today. it says 1400 people have already made. a south jersey teenager just saw her mom's face for the first time. she was so happy, she told her friends at school and her teachers and what they did next is amazing. you see she was trying out those glasses. affording them was another thing. so her friends and her teachers made sure she could. our dave kinchen is live in cinnaminson tonight. dave, you got the joy of spreading happy tonight. >> reporter: yeah, we love stories like this, iain. this young girl's live changed forever when she first put on those glasses but it was a cost bearer he was broken down by her classmates here at cinnaminson high school. page plays with her sisters like she normally does but can't see their faces due to a nerve condition that severely impacts
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her vision. but state of the art technology is changing all of that. >> they told me when she was a baby she was never going to be able to see. so for her to be able to see the little bit that she did all these years was always a miracle to me. >> denise gets emotional just thinking about the moment when her daughter tested out e site electronic glasses like these geared that enhances the vision and those who cannot see. page is blind in one eye and has severely impaired vision in the other. >> i get to see my sister's face, my puppy's face, my aunt's face and a lot of different things. >> kevin, hello, page you have awesome friends i hope these glasses open a whole new world for you. >> reporter: she's been using a braille reader as part of her daily life but her teaching aid says the e sight glasses would drastically help or out in school. she got a gofundme page going to help her cover the $10,000 price tag not picked up by insurance.
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>> it's just been tow phenomenal the kind of response we've gotten from the community forty one her family and friends. it's wonderful. >> reporter: page will have the glasses in four to six weeks and page could not be more grateful to her school communi community. >> thank you for fundraising and i really appreciate it. >> reporter: and the family says that any extra money raised will go to take care of medical expenses for page. back to you. >> all right. dave, thank you much great story there. eagles fans of course you can find them pretty much anywhere even in enemy territory and for those living in new england, well, you really have to bleed green. kathy, you're talking about two more chances for snow this week. >> oh yeah, iain. first the morning blustery surprise. look what it feels like now. four in pottstown, 14 in philadelphia. nine in wilmington. bitterly cold tomorrow and two more chances of snow. one of them on your super bowl
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♪ ♪ ♪ eagles fans are true and strong but what happens when you move away? he is special toll a place where everyone is wearing patriots silver and blue? our hank flynn says you stick to your guns. ♪ >> reporter: i'm so glad to
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meet these people. >> e-a-g-l-e-s e-a-g-l-e-s! >> reporter: it's hank i'm with at gillette stadium they're the biggest fans i've met if new england some people move up here and switch sides. but my take is, you got to have some guts. you got to have heart and you got to plead green. tim and his kids caused a couple of sprain next in foxboro today. >> make you nervous? [ laughter ] >> reporter: bad karma he said. maybe for him. >> to the nor tim. certainly not for his son dean, the mean green or his girls alex and vivian. they're eagles put it in the books. >> you come into our house we've got mike and meryl on the radio calling the game. and, you know, we listen to wip all the time, and mmr so that the kids don't get that awful boston accent. [ laughter ] >> you know it's great. inside our house it's eagles country all the time.
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>> reporter: they moved up here year and a half ago because his wife got new job she's from quakertown he's from glenside. they drop by gillette stadium and blew my mind like luke skywalker flying in the face of gillette stadium death star. >> you know we've been sporting or eagles gear a little bit more the last couple of weeks just to try to boast a little bit while we can, and we're going to keep doing that for the rest of the year celebrating the championship. >> reporter: tim rocks a wine best westbrook jersey. five-year-old dean dons his carson wentz. green fever has gotten to the one-year-old. >> vivian whose your favorite football team? >> eagles. >> too cute. just in case you were wondering the dog's name is krimpet that will get i was case of tasty take. tim says he and the wife are going to her parents in quakertown to want super bowl. they're superstition. you can muddle kids out of philly but you'll never yank the
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philly out of the kids. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ >> tonight president trump gave his state of union address and touched on several hospital topics including the opioid epidemic, and immigration. >> so to every citizen watching at home tonight, no matter where you've been or where you've come from, this is your time. if you work harder, if you believe in yourself, if you believe in america, then you can dream anything. you can be anything and together we can achieve absolutely anything. [ applause ] >> the president also talked about new legislation for immigration. he says it offers a path for citizenship for 1.8 million illegal immigrants. secure as border wall and ends the visa lottery. what do you get when mix an empty beach house, a man and a
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spatula? it's actually a recipe for a crime spree. police in wildwood, new jersey, say 35-year-old peter visalli is behind it all reporteedly squatting in empty beach house on ocean avenue using it as his literal home base of operation. so he used a spatula to make some pancakes while he was there. he was hungry. police say that same spatula used as tool to commit five burglaries three attempted burglaries and several thefts in the area. he was arrested and now he's facing numerous charges. here's live look outside in reading berks county. snow moved out but the cold is moving in we're talking about stinging temperatures in the morning. kathy, that type of weather doesn't get -- making getting out of bed any easier. >> it will be hard tomorrow morning. stinging i'm calling it brutal but jenn fred tweeted me and said brutal? because she's in minneapolis. [ laughter ] >> a different type of brutal. making snow like crazy with cold temperatures in the poconos. this is blue mountain they have the guns going. why not? philadelphia the temperature is 24 after a high
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of 37. but elsewhere it is colder. now as we look at ultimate doppler you can see clear skies, that's great. we do have the super moon tomorrow so we'll be a able to see that. 25 in the poconos. good snow-making weather. allentown 20. pottstown 19. millville 24. and winds are still gusting. we're gusting to 26 in philadelphia. 26 in allentown and 25 in lancaster. and that puts those wind chills in the teens in pottstown and allentown it feels like four. in wilmington it feels like nine. so good news and there's bad news to this forecast. the good news is, the wind subsides. wind chills will not be a factor tomorrow morning. the bad news is, that allows temperatures to completely bottom out. so we're looking at temperatures in the teens tomorrow morning. pottstown 16. 18 in wilmington. allentown 17. philadelphia around 20. but at least it will be sunny and we won't have that wind to contend with. during the afternoon tomorrow we'll see good deal of sunshine. it will be cold west southwest wind but only at 5 miles an hour the temperature 36 which is still well below normal for this time of year.
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the last day of january. so what about february? well friday is groundhog day and appropriately there's a chance of rain changing to some wet snow on friday morning. so that is our next chance of snow. the seven day forecast there's even another chance. so thursday we go 48 with rain. that changes over to snow friday morning on your groundhog day. saturday 32 with increasing clouds. next front comes through super bowl sunday could start off as rain, wintry mix as temperatures climb into the 30s. it shouldn't keep you from your festivities. monday we go 36. and tuesday 36 as well with clouds and sun. here's your weekend forecast. saturday 32. sunday a chance of rain and snow, 39. minneapolis the high will be six and by the time the kick off iain outside it will be about two with a wind chill below zero. inside it will be climate control. >> good thing they're playing in dome. >> all right. thanks a lot. speaking of minute plus, let's get out to kristen rodgers much what's coming up in sports,
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kristen? >> hey, iain. so earlier tonight two former teammates got competitive with each other and maybe it's good for shadowing for the eagles in super bowl lii. i'll explain after the break. ♪ this winter in the state with more ski mountains than any other,
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♪ welcome back here to blooming ton, minnesota. mall of america. media party still going strong behind me. with so much talk about the eagles and the patriots there's been a lot of words arc lot of adjectives used to describe both teams i played a little word association with the birds and asked them what the first word that came to hyped was when i said the word patriots and eagles. take a listen. >> little word association real quick. i say a word you say the first word that comes to your mine.
11:25 pm
patriots. >> the best. >> eagles? >> really good. >> eagles? >> champ. >> patriots? >> i don't know. i got nothing. >> i can't say one word but i can tell you they execute when their number is called. >> what about the eagles? >> we have a lot of swag. how about that. >> i can't describe the patriots or anything like that. i'm going to stay away from that part but, you know, but if we some dogs. >> two former teammates in rob gronkowski and legarrette blount got competitive tonight here at mall of america over at microsoft store. they played madden 18 on xbox live and good thing for the eagles legarrette blount won i feel like some competitive energy between the two of them but, hey, maybe it's for shadowing for super bowl lii. we'll get a chance to talk with the eagles again tomorrow and guess what? it's doug pederson's 50th birthday tomorrow. here's hoping that super bowl
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ring will be the best birthday present he gets. iain. >> wow. >> let's hope so. let's hope -- exactly. all right. when it comes to eagles fans showing their support for the birds this one takes the cake. check it out. the five layer wedding cake is making a statement with the back side completely deck out in eagles spirit and green. master's bakery in west chester made the cake and they posted this video on their instagram account ig as the kids say with this caption this couple has us rooting for our home team. who else can't wait for sunday. >> i love that. >> what a cool idea. >> eighths cool idea. >> just a side. >> just a side. we can't waste for sunday either. can't wait for big win. thanks for watching. up next tmz followed by page six at midnight. stay tuned for "the q" at 12:30 and the simpsons. we're of course back ttp://>[a5df]
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: so there was a huge premiere last night for the "black panther" movie. we got one of the big stars who thinks this could change the -- racism in this country. >> we're at a new beginning. >> absolutely. >> we are. harvey: there are some people who were critical of the film, saying they should not speak -- said speak english. there are people who speak in the indigenous language when they don't want white people know what they're saying. >> usually if someone is a bad kisser, they make up in another interesting. >> donald glover, arguably the most talented guy in the world. he gives this answer, what is your weakness answer. >> if you are ever interviewing someone and they say "i care too hard" don't bring that person into the building. i hate that.


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